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Mark has photographed every level of sports from pick up to professional. His award winning images have graced the pages of international publications and the walls of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

“Capturing the moment is an art form. I have always loved photographing the athlete both in success and failure. Both have a grace and emotion like nothing else.”

His newest passion is skiing, which has been his favorite personal activity for most of his life. His daughter began racing slalom and GS at an early age at a small mountain in Massachusetts.

Blandford Ski Area Corporate Racing

Blandford Ski Area Corporate Racing

The Blandford Ski Area racing season is underway! Looking for photographs by Mark D Phillips from the various races? 50% of all sales go to the ski area.

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U19 Berkshire East: Dec. 31, 2016

U19 Bousquet Slalom: Jan 8, 2017
BSA Small Fry Race: Jan 7, 2017

BSA Corporate Racing: Jan. 11, 2017
BSA Corporate Racing: Jan. 18, 2017


Matt Masciadrelli speeds down the slalom course during U19 USSA Race at Blandford Ski Area on
January 30, 2016. Animated with Plotagraph Pro by Mark D Phillips. Read more about Photograph Pro. ©Mark D Phillips

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