Mark D Phillips

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Mark D Phillips and the Face of Satan:
World Trade Center On 9/11

We live in a digital age.

Photography has changed from silver-based to pixel-based. When a digital image is created, the photographer knows it is real. But in this new age, how can we prove that the image isn't altered?

Even after more than a decade has passed, it all seems so surreal.

The events of September 11, 2001, and what happened afterwards, will determine everything that transpires for years to come.

For Mark D. Phillips, it became the defining moment in a 20-year photographic career.

One image. One click of the shutter changed it all. Light and shadows. Smoke and air. An image created by pixels rather than film.

The age of Photoshop has changed photography froever. Phillips' helped develop the digital technology that has changed photography forever.

Over his career, he has photographed many of this generations greatest events. His library is available for usage and licensing through his website.

View his images on website.

Satan in the Smoke. A Photojournalist's 9/11 Story. By Mark D. Philips

"Satan In The Smoke? A Photojournalist’s 9/11 Story" is Mark D Phillips' first person narrative of the media frenzy created by his image.

From the first moment he received an email asking "Is it Real?," the image was different from any other he had taken in his 20 years as a photojournalist. Over the next several weeks, Phillips' received over 20,000 email messages from individuals who were profoundly affected after seeing the image.

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The Freedom Tower at 9:04am 9/11/11

On 9/11/2011, Mark photographed the same view at the same moment. The new tower rises, but the hurt will never go away.

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Phillips serves as President of South Brooklyn Internet Inc, an Internet Marketing firm located in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. SBI produces The South Brooklyn Network, a cultural website for the Brownstone neighborhoods located south of Manhattan in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City. The site features photography of the area by Mark D Phillips, where he has lived since the late 1980s. Take a journey to our home.

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